Solar HD Car Cameras: £47.99 - Free UK P&P and SD Card

LOOK: We include a £27.96 (RRP) 16GB Class 10 Micro SD Card with your vCam solar (other car camera suppliers require you to buy these on top of the camera cost).

Car Cameras

Take your camera and solar charger out of their boxes, charge the solar charger overnight using the supplied mains converter, fit the solar / battery pack into its cradle, and the camera using either the flexible mounting rod for use on the passenger sun visor (above) or suction mounting cradle for attachment to the windscreen (below), connect them up and away you go!

Order vCam Solar now; only £47.00 each including UK Royal Mail delivery!

vCam HD Solar / Battery Pack Shipping Options

Please select the correct payment amount Vs delivery method; we ship within the UK and EU (but not outside the EU, sorry).

Please note 1: the solar unit is a combined solar panel and battery; the camera is fed by the battery; the battery is recharged by daylight / sunlight or by the supplied mains charger. The solar panel is not sufficient on its own to continually power the vCam camera, especially during dark winter months. It is therefore advisable to recharge the battery overnight. A fully charged solar / battery pack should provide around 7 hours of power for a vCam during an overcast spring day.

Please note 2: you need to physically connect the solar / battery pack to the vCam camera to start it recording, and physically remove the same to turn it off. The camera starts to record the moment it is connected to a sutiable power source, and stops recording a few seconds after it loses connection to a suitable power source.

Tech Spec
vCam is self-installed in seconds.
vCam is easily and quickly moved from car to car (or van to van, or truck to truck).
vCam can be used outside the car, to record the damage and other drivers involved (camera's own internal battery can provide up to 24 minutes of actual recording time (varies camera to camera).
vCam's video can be uploaded onto a PC and / or replayed on its own LCD screen.
vCam offers several video recording qualities, according to your needs / wishes, including Full HD.
vCam uses the cigar lighter and automatically records when powered (most cars power the cigar lighter only once the key is turned in the ignition), so on / off record is normally automatic.
vCam allows the date and time to be stamped / shown on the recording.
vCam allows sound on or off.
vCam has a very wide angle, 5 MegaPixel CMOS lens for high quality recordings.
vCam has Infrared enhancement for low light / dark / night time applications.
vCam has a LCD user menu / replay / viewing screen.
vCam has an internal battery for use outside / away from the car, and to provide charge directly after an accident if the power supply is interrupted.
vCam has G force detect, so that video recordings around sharp braking events are protected (they are not automatically erased).
vCam continually records overwriting old video with new (memory not supplied).
vCam's user menu settings allows you to strictly comply with UK driving regulations, for example, you can turn the forward night lights off (it is not lawful to drive with lights on in the windscreen area)
vCam's user menu also allows you to have the LCD screen switch off after a few seconds while you are driving (only navigational screens such as on Sat Navs are lawfully visible to the driver).
vCam will give you around 1 hour and 40 minutes s of total recording time in Full HD recording mode with the 16GB card we provide; much more recording time if you select a lower quality recording format (please remember that new video overwrites old, except for protected video, so that the memory size is irrelevant to an extent).
vCam will take up to a 32GB Class 6 or 10 Micro SD card if you want to increase the total recording time.

Returns – 7 Working Day UK / EU Protection - Satisfaction Guaranteed
We accept returns for refund as per your UK / EU legal rights - you can return the camera and all packaging intact for any reason for a full refund within 10 days of receipt (please note: if the item and packaging is not as new / as delivered, we can only offer you a partial refund); Unless the camera is an out of box failure, the buyer has to pay the return shipping costs. If an item is an out of box failure, you can decide whether you would like to return the item for a full refund or for a replacement.

One Year Parts Guarantee Plus 12 Months Technical Support (by email)
vCam is guaranteed for 12 months parts only. During the first 3 months, you will need to send the camera to our EU service center for inspection / repair / replacement at your own postage cost (if the camera fails within the first month, we will actually reimburse your postage to us) ; if the item is faulty, we will repair or replace it and send you / return the camera at no extra cost. After the initial 3 months, we will give you the details / address of the factory that manufactured the cameras for us (outside the EU), as they provide a 12 months parts guarantee; you are then able to send the item to them for repair and return. Faults: Approximately 90% of problems are resolved by technical support email. Of the remaining 10% of problems, actual faults, around two thirds of these are through misuse / wrongful operation; PLEASE make sure you follow the provided instructions carefully to avoid damaging the items / operate them correctly.

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