vCam HD Car Cameras

No Claims Bonus Saver!
If someone else is responsible for a vehicle accident you are involved in, why should you be forced to lose your no claims bonus through lack of evidence?

With vCam you can present the facts with video proof to the police and your insurance company.

With the average insurance cost around £1000 and maximum NCB at 60%, an accident will cost you an average £1800 if you are held at fault / partly responsible, as it takes you 5 years to claw back lost NCB.

vCam's video evidence can save you again, and again, and again!

Fed Up Of Bad Drivers?
vCam will help you document their bad, unlawful and illegal driving habits so you can either publish their details online or report them to the appropriate authority.

If you are travelling abroad, take vCam with you and record corrupt police to other country's driving standards to share with your friends, family and the whole world via the Internet!

Avoid insurance scams
An increasing number of accidents are deliberate, where the other driver claims more damage to their vehicle than was actually caused, and / or more passengers were involved and with greater subsequent injuries.

Beat these insurance cheats by recording the event / accident / damage / passengers without them even knowing and invalidate their entire claim when they try to cheat your insurance company!

vCam Ltd (England)
vCam Ltd is an English company

vCam HD Car Cameras - UK / EU Lawful - Includes SD Card Memory

vCam™ Full HD Wide Angle Quality Lens with Infrared (shown below); from only £34.99 including a £27.96 (RRP) 16GB Class 10 Micro SD Card! Perfect for RHD, LHD, vans, trucks, cars, and rental vehicles; can also be used as a standard video camera or security cam.

Now with solar power option too! Free UK P&P. We ship within the EU.

Above and below: vCam lawfully suction cup mounted to the edge of the windscreen

Below: vCam lawfully mounted on the passenger sun visor (visor can be up or down)

Q: Why is vCam™ the only truly legal UK / EU low cost car camera?
A: Because it is the only "Dash Cam" designed not to obscure the driver's view.

With vCam™, you have the option of mounting the vehicle camers on either the edge of the windscreen (where it is lawful / legal) (below) OR using the flexible rod mount (above) on the passenger sun visor. Unlike other car cameras that can even look the same, vCam is different and has a super wide angle quality lens which allows it to be lawfully mounted as above and yet record everything you need.

Q: Why would I want to use a Dash Camera / Car Cam?
A: To record accidents and bad / criminal drivers. To protect your no claims bonus against false / unfair insurance claims. For protection against aggressive drivers / road rage.

If you are involved in an accident you will probably lose your no claims bonus, even if it was not your fault (through lack of proof / willingness by the insurance company); if you have a video of the event, you will not lose your NCB if you were not at fault. Also, if you ever fumed over bad / illegal / aggressive drivers because there was nothing you could do about them, now you can!

Finally, some motor insurance companies discount their premiums if you use vCam™.

Q: How easy is vCam™ to install?
A: Anyone can easily install vCam™ in seconds.

There is no specialist installation or skills required. vCam does not damage or mark your vehicle. And vCam can be taken out and used in another vehicle also in seconds; it really is that easy.

Q: How does vCam™ work?
A: vCam™ automatically starts and stops recording.

Quickly install vCam (memory card not included but required), connect to you cigar lighter socket, and that's it! When you turn on the ignition, your cigar lighter powers and turns on your vCam, it starts recording when you turn the key in the ignition. When you turn the ignition off, after a few seconds, vCam also stops recording and turns off.

Q: vCam™ can work by solar power?
A: Yes, we provide an optional solar charger if you can not use a car cigar lighter socket.

Many people plug their SatNav's and / or mobile phones into their car's cigar lighter. Some vehicles do not even have cigar lighters. So vCam™ Solar is perfect for these people, and for out of vehicle surveillance / security camera applications / uses. vCam™ also has its own internal battery if you want to use it outside the vehicle without a solar charger. There are some cavetas, so please see vCam Solar.

Q: Is vCam™ high quality?
A: Yes, it has the highest possible specification for such a budget camera.

vCam™ has true true FULL HD (1920 x 1080) of course, and uses the highest quality Novatek printed circuit board and 5 megapixel CMOS lens, complete with Infrared enhancement for low light / night time use. It comes with a built in G-Force sensor (sensitivity user adjustible) which protects vital video clips from accidental erasor.

Q: Can vCam™ be used outside the vehicle?
A: Yes, it has its own internal battery.

vCam™ has a small internal battery that a) protects you in case of vehicle power loss in an accident, and b) allows you to take the camera out of the vehicle to record the damage, other drivers and their passengers, etc. This is especially useful when you have been involved in an insurance scam attempt (staged accident where the other motorist subesquently claims more damage to their vehicle, serious injuries to themself and passengers that were not really there).

Q: What else do I need to buy?
A: Nothing

We include a £27.96 (RRP) 16GB Class 10 Micro SD Card so that you do not have to buy one. Be warned, most other budget car cameras are sold without the memory they need to operate! What is more, when you then buy an SD Card from someone else and there is a problem, each supplier will likely blame the other's product.

Q: Is vCam™ an exclusive product?
A: Yes it is

Although we use a common casing for the camera to keep costs down, we use the highest quality super wide angle lens, the best electronics board and chipset, plus we have the cameras specially programmed, predominantly to ensure UK / EU traffic regulation compliance. Our camera is protected by our Patent number 1103700.9 (PCT/GB2011/051503) and our name 'VCam" is Trademarked within the EU.

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